Unsalted Cultured Butter 7oz

Unsalted Cultured Butter 7oz

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Rich in taste and aroma, our batch churned Pepe Saya Cultured Butter in our 7oz wheel.

Churned by the Amish from farm fresh cream that has been cultured, creating crème fraiche, and then batch churned to create the unique creamy, tangy flavour.


Check out our blog for recipe ideas.

Nutritional Info

Ingredients: Cream (from pasteurised cows milk), culture

Nutritional Information: Energy 3100kJ/100gm, protein 0.6g/100gm, total fat 83.2gm/100gm, saturated fat 54.7g/100gm, carbohydrate 0.7g/100gm, sugars 0.7g/100gm, sodium 9mg/100gm

How To Store

Keep refrigerated. Shelf life - up to 12 weeks from date made.

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