Pepe Saya Buttery was started in 2010, with the dream of making a beautiful tasting Australian cultured butter and creating a shift towards using local butter. Made in a unique round pat with the iconic Pepe Saya head, the first rounds were sold at Carriageworks Farmers Markets in November 2010.

The difference in our butter in the process we go through to make it. The butter is beurre de baratte (butter of the churn)- it is batch churned from single origin cream, creating a natural and less processed product.

When the cream arrives from the farms to the creamery in Caringbah we heat up the cream and inoculate it with a lactobacillus culture. We then let the cream culture, allowing for a full buttery taste and slight tang to develop, creating the unique flavour of the cultured butter- this is our crème fraiche. The crème fraiche is then churned, which produces our buttermilk and of course the butter. Finally, the butter is kneaded and placed into hand pressed moulds, wrapped and labelled.


Our focus has always been on provenance and transparency. We source some of the best Australian cream and are passionate about building direct relationships with our farmers.

The cream regions we source from change seasonally. The map below shows where we have sourced from since 2010. 


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